Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Planes and whoopins

So, being the news hermit that I usually am I found out today about a family that was kicked off a plane because of their little brat child.  I was told “it was something like a 3 year old on an AirTran flight who wouldn’t take her seat and was throwing a tantrum.  Something like that.  They were reimbursed their tickets, though, so no harm no foul, the parents were just a little pissed.”

Yea, a little pissed I’m sure.  But they’re pissed at the airline, not their little brat kid or their own lack of discipline.  I dug around (not terribly hard) and found the article on MSNBC and the article says that the kid was climbing under the chair and hitting the parents and generally throwing a fit.

Now, I’m no advocate of child abuse…

And there is a distinct difference between child abuse and a whoopin…

But if that were my kid…

And I do have a kid…

Someone’s ass would be red.

Daddy don’t put up with that crap.


It’s interesting that the missus and I just recently had a discussion about how hard it would be the first time junior stepped over the line and earned himself a little Texas-redass treatment.  My hunch is that there will be a significant overstepping of the rules.  There will be an order to “go to your room… NOW!!”  There will be a “significant discussion” within the parenting council.  Then there will be the summons to the sentencing trial, an explanation of what’s about to happen, and then the swats.

Then the tears.

Then the comforting.


Lesson learned.


What would I do in the place of those Massachusetts liberals who can’t assert their parental authority over their 3 year old princess?  Don’t know yet.  I recon my temper would be pretty piqued.

I wouldn’t be mad at the airline, though, that’s for sure.


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