Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ok, I'll say it

So, apparently there’s a tomb that has been uncovered in Israel near Jerusalem that is the burial tomb of Jesus the Nazerene and his family.  According to Discover Channel’s website 5 of the 10 ossuaries were inscribed with names relevant to the New Testament including Matthew, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


I will just come out and say it.

There is no way that the Jesus in the bible is the Jesus represented in this tomb.

The Jesus in the bible ascended into heaven after he bodily rose from the dead.  There is no tomb holding his body.  Period.

That means that if this tomb is found to be real AND it held the historical Jesus who is depicted in the biblical texts then the biblical texts are completely fraudulent and fabricated and the Jesus in the bible is a fiction.

{There’s more to be said about that, but there just isn’t the space here.}

Regardless, it’s a high standard to reach. 

First the authenticity of the ossuaries must be confirmed.  But even if they’re legit ossuaries—all of them—you still have to connect that legitimate ossuary to the person described in the New Testament as Jesus.  For most people, I recon, the simple fact that it is a Jesus in Jerusalem will be proof enough that the historical “Jesus” as described in the New Testament was merely an ancient Paul Bunion.  Statistically speaking, it’s probably a fair statement, too.

Sure, Jesus was a common name in 1st century Israel.  Mary was a common name in Italy and was probably no different in Palestine.  Even the alleged son, named Judas, had a popular name.

But statistically speaking you just don’t see many Johns (son of James) married to Jennifers with a son named William.  It is a helluva coincidence.

But that’s also not to say that the ossuaries are legit.  Just recently the “James Ossuary” was found to be a hoax.  A very well done hoax, but a hoax nonetheless.  I expect this will be shown to be a hoax in due time.  After all, nobody has bothered to comment on why Joseph’s body would be shipped from Nazereth to Jerusalem to be buried in his son’s tomb. 

That just doesn’t quite make sense. 

But then again, when attacking Christianity you don’t really have to make sense, just allegations.

Meanwhile, I don’t have a problem saying it.  If the body of the one they call the Christ is ever found, then the one they called the Christ was not the Christ at all, or the body is not that of the one they called the Christ.  Because the One who is the Christ did not end his life in a tomb; and any one who did end his life in a tomb cannot be the Christ.

If not Christ resurrected, then eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

But if Christ resurrected, then die unto yourself and abide in Him for eternity.



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