Friday, February 02, 2007


On the other hand, the mess in Boston does reveal how shockingly easy it is to place several, several devices around a city on significant landmarks and high traffic areas.

Had they been shiny little lighted boards with an obscene little character making an obscene little gesture attached to a wad of C4 and a cellular trigger device, then one phone call could have unleashed untold terror on a city.  Imagine 40 bombs going off all at the same time in all parts of the city.  Even if they’re small bombs the ensuing panic and stampede would kill and injure far more than the blasts themselves.

That is a little bit of a scary thought.

I think I’m going to ruminate on that for a moment…



Ok, rumination is done.


There is a difference between a reasonable reaction and a crazy headed overreaction.  We can’t go on living in fear.  We can’t just shut down a city because of a single little circuit board.  Maybe shutting down major traffic arteries was the right thing to do, but the pit-bull attack afterwards is pushing it a little too far.  Turner Broadcasting isn’t a terrorist organizat…  well…  no, they’re not a terrorist organization.  This was a misunderstanding and Boston is taking it too far.  Turner’s actions were not malicious, but Boston’s actions clearly are.

Besides, if these things resemble IEDs in Iraq, our military equipment must be a bunch of crap because that little circuit board didn’t look like it could rip through a wet Kleenex much less an armored troop carrier.


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