Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something troubling

Iraq is not Vietnam in the 60s.


It’s Afghanistan in the 80s.


It’s the place where militants go to “train”.  The build a few bombs, set them off, then go home with the knowledge of how to build bombs.


It took the UNABOMer 5 years to figure out how to make bombs effectively with the right combo of weight and potency.  These guys get to do what Ted did over 5 years in 6 months’ time.


And if they track down and kill a couple of these guys, it’s cool.  They have 4 or 6 in a class and the rest get away and go home to blow stuff up on their own. 


That’s troublesome.


Even without overthrowing the Iraqi government and setting up whatever stupid idea they claim they want to do, they accomplish the goal of disrupting normal commerce.  I know Ted Kaczinski is a nutter, but if you read his manifesto you can get a glimpse into what these terrorists are trying to do.  They’re trying to DISRUPT things now to such an extent that things collapse and a new order takes the place. 


The problem is that they don’t understand how large the disruption has to be.


No matter, though.  The fact that they can blow up a market is evidence that they can do what they hope to do, all they need is more recruits.  And recruits they get.


And these recruits train, and go home, and disrupt.


Lather, rinse, repeat.



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