Friday, June 29, 2007

Running update

Congratulations Craig Biggio.  You rock.  Totally.  I’ve never seen an 85 year old man run like that in my life.



Running update: 

Distance:  n/a (didn’t track distance)

Time:  00:11:45 (non-stop)

Comment:  felt pretty good afterwards, still had some gas in the tank.  Probably could have pushed it for another minute, maybe 2.


Instead of going for distance in these early stages, what I’m doing is running as far as I can non-stop.  Last time I ran it was something like 8:00 before I had to crap out.  This time it was nearly 12:00.  The pace was good, probably a 9:00 pace.  If my distance reckoning was correct I ran close to 1.25 or 1.3 miles.  But I’m not keeping track of distance, yet.  Not bad for the first time really running in almost 2 years.  I’m at least 40 pounds overweight and I haven’t seriously thought about running since July last year, and haven’t actually seriously run since the 2006 marathon.


It may not seem a lot to you people who run all the time, but you people make me want to puke.  You’re cracked in the head.  Why would you want to do this to your body?


The intent is to do work that doesn’t involve mile-posts and mental stopping points.  The trap I run into is that I’ll push to the next mile marker, and when I hit the mile marker (or 5th light post, or next corner, or whatever) I’ll start walking.  But during the last marathon I probably walked 30 minutes (more than a minute a mile).  I figure if I can get those 30 minutes back then I only have to drop another 30 minutes from my pace to get under the 4:30:00 mark for the marathon.  Once I’m in the 4:30:00 range, then I can start really challenging myself to get to the 4:00:00 mark and beat some of those halfies to the finish line.


Marathon goal:  beat half marathoners to the finish line.  Even if it’s just the one legged guy with a cast on his good leg, I want to beat that guy to the finish line.

Physical goal:  180 or bust, baby.  If I hit that mark, I’m ready for the marathon and some bike races next year.


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