Monday, October 22, 2007

A scare with the baby

Ok, so we had a little bit of a scare over the weekend that taught us a lesson in procrastination.


We have a dog named Rusty.  A really great dog (that was adopted from a rescue organization, thank you very much).  Our son also has a dog—named Doogie, adopted from the Ty Beanie Baby company.  Doogie goes everywhere with the little monkey.  Everywhere.


Our neighbors have 2 dogs, Angel and Bree.  Angel is a yellow lab and a wonderfully sweet girl.  Bree is a… well, I don’t know what she is, but she’s a beautiful golden something (maybe a mutt) and just under a year old.


Angel poked a hole in the fence over the weekend and Rusty had a grand old time going over to play with Angel and Bree.  When our little monkey saw two dog heads poking through the fence he got really excited, pointed, and said “goo!  GOO!”  Yesterday evening, about potty time, Rusty decided to go out and… well, it was potty time.  After the bidness was complete he sauntered over to the fence and vanished like a fart in the wind.  Our little one, naturally, was curious and excited about the two puppy heads poking through the fence just before Rusty vanished and went to investigate.  While we’re petting Bree and Angel, Bree suddenly takes off across her yard.  Our little guy giggles, points, and exclaims his commentary of “Goo!  Goo!  Goo!” while Bree is darting back and forth across the yard.  Our neighbor’s son is chasing Bree, Angel is soaking up the exclusive attention, and our little guy is pointing and commenting.


Then we notice that Doogie has gone missing.  Everything was suddenly clear.


Our little guy had dropped Doogie for just one second and Bree had taken that second to abscond with the little plush dog.  Once she was finally cornered and gave up the goods, the dog was returned undamaged except for a bunch of dirt and even more sticky, gooey, dog slobber.


Doogie fully recovered after a trip to the washing machine and through the dryer, but the reality of letting our little fellah figure out how to sleep without his little friend was just a little too clear a little too soon.  We’d have done it—I wouldn’t have gone searching for a Doogie at 7pm on a Sunday night.  No way, no how.  Doors were invented so that we wouldn’t have to listen to babies learning how to sleep without a trusted friend.  But if we don’t have to yet, we’re not going to yet.  That day will come.


So, we’ve ordered our “backup Doogie”.  Took us all of 2 minutes to do after we came into the house.  After talking about it for nearly a year, we finally took the leap and ordered the backup.  No more procrastination for us.

Starting tomorrow.


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