Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sigh... guilty pleasures

Ok, I admit it.  I watch America’s Got Talent.

I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.  I watch.


And now it’s down to the last 4, and tonight is the big showdown.


America (or the 6 people who read this), I hope you get it right.


A ventriloquist is NOT a million dollar act.  Cool?  Maybe, to some.  But not worth a mil.

A beat-box wizard is NOT a million dollar act.  Cool?  Definitely.  Fun to listen to?  Absolutely.  But not worth a mil.

The little country singer girl?  Not a million dollar act.  In a few years, with some voice training she’s Leann Rimes.  But not yet.

A fat guy with a guitar who is funky as all hell?  That’s a million dollar act, and then some.


Bottom line, I wouldn’t pay $20 to see any of the acts except the fat guy with a guitar.  I would make a special trip to a bar or club where he was playing.  I would go online and buy his music (in fact, I already have—www.woodbelly.com).  He’s worth the money.  The others?  I might watch the ventriloquist if he were playing in the theater of the cruise ship I was vacationing on, but I wouldn’t pay for a ticket to go to a theater to watch him.  In fact, when we went on our cruise there was a ventriloquist performing.  We watched the show, but it wasn’t even close to the best they offered.  Sorry, I’m just not that interested.

The little country girl is currently a good lounge act, but will become a great artist in the very near future—if she continues to grow her voice.  She has stage presence and an “aura” on stage.  Her presence is so great that it leads me to suspect that she’s done more than sing in her bedroom and she’s done some actual performing somewhere, if not she’s a straight up natural.

The beat-box wizard is a great accompaniment, but not the main event.  I would pay for something along the lines of “Will Smith, featuring Butterscotch!”, but not “Butterscotch!”.  I’m not convinced she can hold a show on her own.  She and the ventriloquist are the “Quick Change” of this season.  Good, impressive even, but I saw that act last week and I’m just not looking forward to you performing again. 


My reviews of their performances are basically:  Hurry up and finish so I can listen to some more Woodbelly!


Cas is the winner, hands down.  If it’s not a landslide then America is just stupid.


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