Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feeling pretty good

My back is feeling pretty good right now, even despite the approximate 2 miles I “ran” last night on the elliptical.  Because the function of the elliptical is slightly different than honest to goodness running, I timed out 20 minutes to be 2 miles rather than the metered 2 miles on the machine.  I figured 20 minutes of constant motion was just as good as 15 or 18 minutes on the road.


The soundtrack was “Changes in Lattitudes” by Mr. Jimmy Buffet.  American Gladiator was on the tube, but it was hardly inspirational (though the chick gladiators—or, Gladiatettes—were surprisingly mega hot).


I also got the first GOOD night’s sleep in about as long as I can remember.  Not a GREAT night’s sleep, but good all the same.


At the rate I’m going, I might just have 30 miles by the end of this month.  Of course, I might just as likely have 15.


Interesting, too, that the music changes when I come inside.  Outside there’s “Rage” and “Eminem” and other high powered, up tempo jams.  Inside there are plenty more relaxed tunes like Mr. Buffet and some Allen Jackson or Willie or even Lou Bega (yes, he’s still alive and HUGE in Europe).  I could even imagine some Traveling Wilburys at some point.  I wonder why that is.


I see there is a 5k scheduled this weekend.  It might be a good opportunity to make up a couple of miles for me.  Not sure if I’m ready for 5k just yet, though.


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