Monday, January 07, 2008

Down 4

I was ailing over the weekend and stayed home.  I did try and get up to run, but my back was quite opposed to the idea.

Consequently, I’m down 4 miles with 1 mile pending today.  No problem, though.  I still plan to keep the deficit within 10 to 15 miles, because that much can be made up in just a few days. 


1 mile a day, every day.  That is the discipline.  That is the target.


That is damn hard.


In other news, I read an article this morning about baby boomers neglecting their horses.  I think this falls into the “law of unintended consequences” category.  People with too much money and not enough common sense blow it on horses that they can’t really afford.  They discover that there are these horse slaughter operations and just can’t imagine their horses dying, so they rally to ban the practice of horse slaughter (and meat export) in the United States.  Now they’re stuck with horses they don’t want, can’t feed, and can’t ship off to benefit someone else.  Ban horse slaughter, invite horse neglect.  Good job, PETA.


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