Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I think the dems will announce the VP pick shortly after the Olympics.

With the complete blackout on all things McCain from the media, I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP waited for the convention to make that call.


Meanwhile, it occurs to me that if the thing that makes the candidate acceptable to be elected President, is the person he has as a vice president, then that person has no business being President whatsoever.


We go to the polls to elect a President/Vice President ticket, sure.  But we’re not electing a Vice President.  We’re electing a President, who has selected a Vice President to work for him, “at the pleasure of the President of the United States of America”.  Just like the Secretary of State, or Defense, or Commerce.


If you look at the candidates and think to yourself “I could never vote for him, unless he selected THAT GUY to be VP”, then you shouldn’t be voting for him at all.  Read your constitution.  See what duties the President has, and what duties the VP has.  The only official duty of the VP is to be president of the Senate.  That’s it.  Done and done.  The executive gives the VP other stuff to do.  To the extent that the EXECUTIVE is capable, the VP then performs.  If you have a weak executive and a strong VP, well…  then you have to ask who’s running the joint (right George?). 

Besides, the Prez could ask the VP to resign on February 1 if he wanted to and just have a 12 month rotating VP for the duration of his term!  They could make it a reality show:  Who wants to be VP (or “Big Brother, White House”, HA!).  It’d be great.  A dozen losers try to win some stupid game show, they have a head of household competition (winner is actually VP for the week), and then they vote to kick someone off.  I would SO pay to watch that tripe.  Not like the tripe they have now that is totally meaningless and vapid.


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