Thursday, August 21, 2008

A couple of thoughts

No workout yesterday.

If the weather holds, I may be able to swim today.

It looks very unlikely that I will make the Run the Woodlands this weekend…  which sucks because I was actually looking forward to it (imagine that!).


And now…  a few thoughts.


1.  MSNBC is reporting that Jennifer Love Hewitt wished she spent more of her time between the ages of 16 and 28 naked.  We do too, Jen.  We do too.  But you can start making up some of that time now, we won’t mind at all!!  In fact, come on over for dinner any time.  My wife will understand, you are, after all, on my celebrity adultery list (The list of celebrities that it would be completely unlikely, though ok if, we were to hook up with.  She has one, too, but I constantly assure her that her guys are all gay.).

2.  There are rumors surfacing about a long sought security deal with Iraq that will have US forces withdrawing from the cities by June 2009.  Does this mean that if Obama becomes President he’ll ignore that pact and keep US troops in the cities for an additional 10 months so that he can keep his completely inane promise of 16 months, no matter what?  Or is 16 months not really a pledge to withdrawal troops in 16 months, but to withdraw them as conditions allow…  like John McCain’s plan?

3.  How come I STILL haven’t heard anything about that civil forum last weekend?  Maybe it was on the Sunday news and I just missed the 1 day it was covered.  When John McCain mixed up Shiite and Sunni during his (uncovered) trip to the Middle East that was big news for, like, a month.  It still gets brought up occasionally to suggest the man is feeble minded and doesn’t know the difference between one group of radicals and another.  But when Obama lies about his bipartisan involvement with John McCain on a campaign finance reform measure, that’s just a non-event.

[One of the questions at the Civil Forum was if the candidate had ever worked against either his own or his party’s best interest to do something right for the country, and Obama mentioned his work with John McCain on a lobbying reform bill.  The story is here.  The long and short of it is that the whole deal collapsed amid allegations that McCain was working with only the GOP interests in mind and Obama was acting as a typical newcomer using rhetorical gloss to cover up self interest and partisan posturing.  This was 1 week into Obama’s tenure as Senator and about 1 year before he started running for President…  The resulting legislation was the Feingold-Obama Lobbying Reform Act sponsored by the same Russ Feingold who hammered out an actual bi-partisan campaign finance reform bill with John McCain who, apparently, was able to either work without the GOP interests in mind or Feingold was masterful enough in his legislative ability to maneuver past that issue, as well as Obama’s rhetorical gloss.]



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