Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Um... wha?!?

MSNBC.com is reporting that Jennifer Lopez can’t understand why the media is falling all over itself for Michael Phelps (or, as she puts it, “that swimmer guy”) and not covering her training for the Malibu triathlon only 6 months after giving birth.


In the unlikely event that she reads this post, I’m going to volunteer to drop some knowledge on her…


It’s because Michael Phelps is a big deal, and she’s just some singer with a fat ass.

Him, inspiring.  Her, perspiring.

Winning 8 gold medals with 5 individual world records, and 2 or 3 team records is a BIG DEAL.  Having a fat ass and being a mediocre singer is NOT A BIG DEAL.  Being awesome will get you on the cover of SI, Wheaties, and probably every sports mag in the country.  Having a fat ass, giving birth, and completing a triathlon will not.


Win the triathlon, then we might give a crap.


Simply put, unless you win, nobody cares.


It’s the same reason they’re not following me around with a wagon train of cameras and reporters, and I’m likely to finish in the top 2 of my triathlon.


Blogger Sharon Gilligan said...

Too funny, love your blog!

3:58 PM  

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