Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why Bill Ayers should matter

“Senators, how would you go about addressing the problem of terrorism against the United States and around the world?”


O:  First, we have to confront it and prevent it with law enforcement when possible and military action when necessary, but in addition to that we need to understand why these terrorists act the way they do and address the root causes by rehabilitating the image of America in the world. 


(This is, by the way, the so called “Bush Doctrine” with regards to terrorists—arrest, assault, capture, kill, and drain the swamp that creates terrorism.  The difference is that the one sees cultural and social issues playing a part in conjunction to attitudes towards the US, while the other sees only a poor image of the US causing the problem.)


M:  I don’t disagree, but we cannot simply sit back and wait for a crime to be committed when the danger is the planning of these heinous, evil actions against the United States and our allies.  Besides, it shouldn’t be hard for my colleague to seek out the root causes of the poor image of America in the world, he can just go around the corner to one of his associates and fund raisers who used to help coordinate these sorts of attacks against American interests and ask him what compelled him to support bombings here at home.


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