Friday, November 21, 2008

Surprisingly excited

It’s interesting…  for the first time in a long time I’m actually excited about the release of a new album (or, for you kids out there, CD).


Guns ‘n Roses is releasing Chinese Democracy this weekend.  It’s their first new release since I was in high school (maybe middle school…  can’t remember when Use Your Illusion came out, and I don’t think I bought the Spaghetti Incident, that one kind of sucked from what I heard).  But I went to I-Tunes a couple of nights ago and grabbed a data copy of Appetite because mine is a very old and very well worn cassette tape.  Those things are so archaic now days…  hard to believe.  LPs my grandparents used (though they were called albums or records back then) were still perfectly good when my parents were kids, and their LPs were perfectly good when they graduated college and got jobs and started having babies.  8-tracks weren’t cutting edge until the 70s, and some would argue they weren’t even then.

Nonetheless, records worked just fine for several generations, but within my lifetime we’ve gone through records, 8-tracks, cassettes, cds, and now mp3s.  “Archaic” is only 10 years old.


And I’m excited about one of those archaic bands publishing a new album, and I’m going to buy it in a format that didn’t even exist when they released their last album, buy it from a vendor that didn’t even exist when they released their last album, and listen to it on a product that didn’t even exist when they released their last album.  Hell, did they even have an internet back in the early 90s?


Amazing times, amazing times, indeed.


Is this what Rolling Stones fans felt like back in the 90s?


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