Thursday, January 08, 2009

No go on the RTW

This weekend I have to be back on the homestead at about 9:00am Saturday morning.  That’s going to put undue pressure on any trip to the Woodlands for the first RTW of the year.

HOWEVER…  there will be another 2 weeks following, and I have absolutely no plans for that weekend (as of yet).  So, I’m going to look forward (as in directional, not emotional) to hitting that RTW.  Besides, it’ll give me a little bit of time to make sure my socks are clean and stuff.


Here’s a little tidbit about me:  I like to garden.  Not flower garden, but veggie garden.  I really can’t stand flower gardening.  Seems like a lot of work just for decoration.  But veggie gardens actually produce stuff.  That’s pretty cool.


We have an adequate sized garden.  Last year it threw out over 6 pounds of green and yellow beans.  We ate about ½ and the other ½ was spoiled by Ike.  This year I’m hoping to double that production by increasing the area we’re going to put to beans.  We also have a fig tree and blackberry patch.  The total size is about 40 square feet.  The blackberries and fig tree take up about 1/3 of the whole garden, and next summer those guys will be providing some very, very yummy fruit.  I can hardly wait.  I’ve never had either a fig or blackberry fresh off the plant.


Saturday or Sunday afternoon I’ll be ripping out some dormant zucchini squash and pumpkin plants and preparing my garden for the first round of crops—potatoes, carrots, and a host of leafy greens.  I expect those will be ready for harvest and rotation in about 2 months when I can start on the beans, lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, and summer squashes.  The spring/summer garden is so much more productive than the winter garden (for obvious reasons).  I’m SO looking forward to this year’s garden. 


If we can get a good carrot, bean, and potato crop out of the garden, we’ll hardly have to buy any veggies from the store.  Those three staples make up about 75% of our total veggie consumption.  All the rest of the stuff is pretty much garnish on our fruit basket.


Blogger K said...

Hmmm... RTW starts at 8, you run a nice easy 5 min pace, done by 8:15... plenty of time to get home by 9! Geeesh... LOL

See you next time! Let me know for sure if you are coming because I don't always make RTW if I am running longer distances.

Bring some zucchini for me! I love to make a nice zucchini bread and my yard in The Woods doesn't have enough sunlight for me to grown anything.

4:00 PM  

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