Monday, December 08, 2008

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a goat.


Yup, a goat.


No, not for me, that would be silly.  You can’t keep a goat within the city limits of Houston.  Well…  you can, but there are all kinds of rules and my neighborhood association won’t stand for it, anyway.


There are a few organizations that will allow you to contribute to the wealth of a family or community halfway across the globe and truly, truly make a difference, rather than just buying some more junk to pile up in our junk-obsessed homes.  You throw $300 into the kitty, and a family in Tanzania gets a goat.  It’s as easy as that.  And with that goat they have milk on a daily basis.  With milk they have protein and calories that are used to fight off disease and starvation.  Also, with a goat, they have the beginnings of a herd.  With a herd they will have meat, and meat is yummy.  With a herd they also have wealth.  With that wealth they can then provide for their daughters to be wed, sons to have brides, their children to have educations, and their family trees to be altered in good and permanent ways.


A far better gift than something that I could have bought for myself if I really needed it, anyway.  And far better than a sack of toys that some character challenged parents may pawn off for cash.


Go check them out, and get each other a goat (or chickens, or ducks, or geese, or a cow) for Christmas.


No, I’m not getting paid by either of these organizations.


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