Monday, December 29, 2008

A couple of quick things

2 quick things:


1.        Jon, you’ve convinced me to reconsider my aversion to facebook.  Maybe there is some balance between providing information to friends, family, and random net-stalkers without allowing the forum to consume my life and be the general repository of each and every personal detail from what I ate last night to what’s in this morning’s poo.

2.       I somehow managed to go nearly a full week with my father-in-law staying in my house WHILE both me and my wife were on vacation and avoid getting sucked into any significant family drama.  I spent 3 hours at my own parents’ house and manage to get sucked into (and somewhat facilitate) significant family drama.  How the fuck does that happen?

3.       I’m seriously considering running the 2010 marathon.  How cracked is my brain.  It’s not like I’ll have anything else going on…  just school;  and work;  and church leadership duties;  and raising a 2 year old; and…  and…  and…  sigh.  Why not?  What’s another 50-150 miles of training runs?

4.       I apparently cannot count in any reliable fashion.

5.       Yes, I recognize the irony of wishing to keep personal details away from facebook, yet posting on this very blog an incident (albeit, sans any and all details) of significant family drama.


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