Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reason enough to get married

Ok, I’m right about 60% sure I’ll be running in the Woodlands this weekend.  I want to get out tonight and go a mile or so just to see how the old pegs feel.

This could be interesting.



I did something a little different and listened to 104 on the way to work because they were playing a decent song when I flipped over the channel.  When the talk hosts come on the discussion is about some chick who left a message about how guys were idiots because she went out on a third date with a dude and they were both “feeling it” and she wasn’t sure where things were going yet but he pulls a condom out of his wallet.  I suppose he pulled it out with this look on his face like “hey baby, I’m ready if you’re willing” and a stupid/sly guy grin on his face.  She got pissed that he was so presumptuous and I’m sure he was pissed that she was pissed that he was prepared.  Needless to say she pulled her panties back on and the “date” was over.


This is the type of shit that I got so tired of when dating that I was actually YEARNING for the cold clasp of marriage to …  just kidding.  This is the type of shit that had me fed up with the whole dating game and really looking forward to settling down and being married.


Girls want to get the guys all lathered up so that they’re just falling all over themselves to put their little pee-pees inside them, but they don’t want the boys to put their pee-pees inside them.  So they get all tarted up with the makeup, short skirts, extensions, push up bras, high heels, and thongs (no hose, too much of a barrier to entry!) and act like they just might so that the boys will show their tail feathers and strut around them and fawn attention on them.


Boys want the girls to think they’re smart and caring and wealthy and strong.  So they act like they give a shit about the insipid and stupid garbage they’re spewing about their makeup or books or movies or politics or the economy (because, you know, they want the boys to be interested in their MINDS which is why they wear the Victoria Secrets Brain Hats to clubs).  They act like they are concerned about their feelings.  They act like they want to buy them dinner, then act like they can afford dinner.


So, girls act like sluts and boys act like they care, but both are merely acting and the game goes on and on.  The girls get pissed when the boys acknowledge the game is afoot.  Boys get pissed when girls acknowledge they’re the gatekeepers of the honey pot.


It took me awhile to get tired of the game.  From an academic perspective, it’s interesting to study.  From a practical perspective, it’s much easier to just get married and quit acting.


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