Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rodeo Run

I have almost 100% committed to running the Rodeo Run in March.  Maybe I’ll show up on time this year and actually get a chip.


Meanwhile, I’ve ordered our pre-frost free seeds for the garden.  It’s about damn time we’ve started having normal January weather around here.

We almost ordered some seed potatoes from a farm in Washington, but instead we’re going to try and grow some from store-bought tubers (against ALL of the advice we’ve received).  I planted one last fall to see what would happen, and sure enough a big leafy top sprouted from the ground.  Then there was a hurricane.  Then there was a dead potato plant.

So, later this month we’re going to plant 2 separate varieties (about a dozen plantings) and see what happens.  They’re already sprouting eyes, so all that’s needed is to cut them, dry them, then plant them.  About two months later…  about a month after the tomatoes are in the ground, we should have a big mess of potatoes to eat.


MMmmm…  mashed potatoes, potato hash, potato stew, potato bread, potato pudding, potato paddies, ‘tater dumpling, ‘tater fries, ‘tater chips, ‘tater rings, chicken fried ‘taters, basted ‘taters, butter baked ‘taters…  the list really could go on and on.  Just ask the Irish.


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