Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Back in town after a magical week in Orlando.  What fun.


On the other hand, had I acted when I first pondered Citi’s stock price, I’d have turned my $200 investment into $600 in 2 weeks (citi’s gone from $1 to $3).  My hunch is that they’re going to post a profit this quarter (before special items) and it’ll shoot up another few percentage points.  It’s still a risky company and they’re still having serious operational issues, but they’re not insolvent and they’re not a $3 stock.  They may not be a $50 stock anymore, but there’s a LOT of financial real estate between $3 and $50.  My guess is somewhere in the $10 to $15 range, if they survive.


So, I won’t have turned $200 into $2000 or $3000, but I still may turn $200 into $600 or $900 over the course of a few months.  That’s still pretty ok.


In other news, I’ve diversified my garden considerably.  I’ve got peas, zucchini, straight necked squash, cantaloupe, blackberries, figs, 4 types of lettuce (harvested 4x1gallon zip-lock baggies of this stuff already!), cucumbers, carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, potatoes, Swiss chard, 2 types of bush beans, Greek oregano, 5 types of tomatoes, and 3 types of peppers.  Next year we’ll cut back on some of the volume and broaden the varieties even more.  We’ll have a virtual cornucopia of veggies.  We also have marigolds and a couple of naca (?) plants for beneficial bugs, butterflies, and humming birds.  I’m not sure I care to have the humming birds around.


The next garden project will be a rain capture and irrigation system using an old water heater and a gutter assembly.  That’ll be fun, but not for a couple more weeks.


Finally, I’ve been required to start an account on “Second Life” for my MIS class on Wednesday nights.  I have to 1. Complete orientation, 2. Find 2 merchants who also have a real world presence, and 3. Write about what happens.  Feel free to follow the misadventures of “Dude Waddington” at http://mistersenior.blogspot.com/ .  I promise to be as open minded as possible, but I don’t promise to like it.


I’m thinking one of my visits will be to NASA so that I can direct a virtual representation of myself to wander through virtual representations of cool space stuff, and imagine the wonder on my son’s face as he looks at a virtual representation of me looking at a virtual representation of something that has never, ever, ever done anything ever and never, ever, ever will.  Unlike, of course, going to the REAL Johnson Space Center where he can look at a REAL space ship or a REAL moon rock.  Because, you know, watching a cartoon do it is just like not being there at all.


Maybe I’ll take him to the second life version of Disney World and compare the experience.


OpenID gimpgimpson said...

Incorrect. They are insolvent, but apparently we as taxpayers (or the banking system as a whole via the FDIC) are going to recapitalize them instead of taking them into receivership, wiping out the shareholders and selling them off piece by piece like we should.

And like I said before, it was probably a good bet that it was going to turn out this way. But this is not how capitalism is supposed to work. Failure is supposed to be punished. Now that we've shown that it isn't, the next blowup is just going to be worse.

1:48 PM  

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