Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The problem

Tonight I’ll probably get in a 1.5 mile run again.  Probably.  We’ll see…  I’ve got 6 chapters to outline before the end of the weekend and a vacation to finish planning.


My tomatoes aren’t doing so well.  We transplanted them to the garden, but just about 2 minutes after they hit the dirt the little bastards decided to start wilting.  I just don’t fucking get it.  Why can EVERYBODY in the whole world grow fucking tomatoes, and I can’t even get the little bastards to live?


And so now we see the problem with the Republican party.  They’re so busy sucking that fat bastard Rush Limbaugh’s dick that they can’t manage to put together 2 cohesive sentences.  Try saying this, Chairman Steele:  “BUT HE IS A TALKSHOW HOST!”  Nobody elected that idiot to lead the party.  If they party wants that loud mouthed idiot to be the leader of the party, I say give the party to him.  Done and done.  Walk away and nominate him to be the chairman.  But if they want to actually steer the party into something that resembles a cohesive opposition that will be part of the conversation and, presumably, help develop some kind of solution, then provide the vision for that cohesion, you pussy.

If we’re going to have a 2 party system, there sure as hell ought to be a second party.  For quite awhile in DC there was only 1 party—the republicans—and they fucked things up nicely.  SINGLE PARTY RULE IN A TWO PARTY SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK FOR VERY LONG!  If the idiots that steered that bus into the ditch are now going to sit back and let the other single party rulers drive the bus into the ditch, then we’re all going to be hyper-screwed.  We, as a nation, have been given a unique opportunity of a President who has a broad popular mandate and is at least TALKING about translating that broad mandate from the people to the congress.  A good opposition would insist that he not only TALK a good game, but actually DO what he’s talking about.  Unfortunately the only people interested in participating in that broad mandate are the democrats, so that single voice is going to shape the conversation.  The republicans can’t raise their voice as long as Rush’s schlong is buried deep in their throats.  Here’s an idea, GET A FUCKING IDEA!!  Last time I checked Rush Limbaugh had never won a single political office.  Not a single one.  If he wants to be the leader of the republican party, nominate him to lead.  If he rejects the nomination, tell him to shut the fuck up and do his stupid little talk show.


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