Monday, March 09, 2009

3 days after

Ok, so I went to Memorial Park on Friday, not Thursday as originally planned, and got in a  little more than 3 miles.  I know this because the loop is 2.9 miles and I walked about a quarter of a mile away from my car before turning around and running the other direction.  I did not start from the field house.  The view was still spectacular.


I found out that I have a little more in the tank than I did when I leapt out and ran 1.5 the other day.  Then I had just about 1.25 miles in these old legs, Friday I certainly made it past the 1.5 mile region before having to shut it down and walk, and possibly close to 1.75—I wasn’t paying very close attention to the quarter mile posts on the rout at that time.  I do know the last mile from the field house to my car was absolutely brutal.  I DO NOT have a full 3 miles in the tank yet.


I also have absolutely no idea how long I ran because the running mix from Nike shut down somewhere in the middle of the track.  It’s not a very good mix—in a different context it would be called “club music”, which isn’t bad in and of itself, just not what I was expecting on the trail.


Nonetheless, today I feel remarkably good.  Not very stiff, not sore at all.


I replaced by tomato plant corpses with transplants from a local nursery.  When I was digging out the dead ones I found that the little turds had absolutely no root system.  They were all stem!  That’ll kill them every time.  We also found looper worms in our lettuce.  The worms aren’t toxic and, from what I read, they’re not bad for you.  They’re not pleasant and you don’t want them in you lettuce, but some hippie types call them “extra protein”.  I call them rotten little plant eating bastards who have to DIE DIE DIE!!  What Looper Worms do is, basically, eat lettuce, cabbage, broccoli leaves, potato leaves, and tomato leaves.  In my garden I have lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts (from the cabbage family), potatoes, and tomatoes.  A veritable feast for these little fuckers.  They all had to die.


I got some chemical environmental warfare agents for a quick fix, but that’ll only kill the ones currently alive (along with just about every other bug in the ‘hood), and kill them quick.  The next generation will be eliminated through completely organic means, because that is what I really, truly prefer to do.  There’s this microbe stuff called BT that attacks the digestive system of these little nasties and makes them not want to eat, until they die.  There are also lady bugs that eat the eggs.


How sweet.  They’re all gonna die.


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