Friday, March 06, 2009


This evening I’m going to Memorial Park to run before I go home.  Between school and work I feel like I’m about to bust and as long as it’s getting dark early I can’t really get my bike out after work, so I’m going to take a stab at a 3 miler tonight before going home.  How bad can it get, right?


In other news…

I’m finishing up some homework last night and the Lovely Wife hollers from the other room “FISHIES!”


Yes, it seems Nemo (we had 3 guppies, all named “nemo” by our 2 year old), has spawned.  There was a baby guppy swimming around last night when she hollered at me.


2 minutes later, there were 2 baby guppies swimming around.


5 minutes after that, 3 baby guppies.


This morning, 11 baby guppies swimming around.  I haven’t the slightest clue how many little sardines will be swimming around when I get home tonight.  One of the nemos was chasing a few of the babies around, so a few may actually be baitfish.  We’ll have to see.


The nursery around the corner from my home is selling tomato transplants for a buck a piece.  I’m going to buy a dozen more of those bad boys and see if I can kill those, too.  I think I’m going to adopt the nickname “tomato reaper”, to express my prowess in killing the shit out of tomato plants.


By the way, Citibank is down to about a buck a share.  I think I’m going to finally open that Ameritrade account and go bargain hunting.  Remember back during the techsplosion in the mid 1990s when you would say “if only I had gotten in on the beginning of this fantastic rise in the economy...”?  Well, I really, really think now is that time all over again.  Citibank is NOT a $1 stock.  Assuming they can get their credit house in order, they’re  a $40 or $50 stock.  $100 today can be $5000 in 4 or 5 years.  That’s a pretty damn good ROI.  A helluva lot better than $100 in books or tomato plants or sheer, unadulterated panic.  Alternatively, Citi can go totally bankrupt and you’ve lost, what, $100?  The damnable thing is that on top of that $100, there will be even bigger things to worry about if Citi goes bankrupt.  So, if you’re betting on the failure of Citi, you’re betting on some pretty nasty shit.  On the other hand, you can put $100 into the stock betting on recovery, and then you’re really shitting in high cotton, yea?


Let’s see, $5, three times a week, for coffee at Starbucks…  4 weeks a month…  that’s 60 shares of Citi each month, give or take.  I think I can cut back on one perk a month to put some funds down banking on recovery.


Blogger Gimpson said...

Citibank is insolvent, and if there is any justice in the world (there probably isn't) current shareholders would be wiped out. The only reason the stock isn't at zero is the hope that the government will inject capital without wiping out the current shareholders. The current shareholder's equity is gone. If C ever becomes worth something, it will be at the direct expense of the taxpayers. Might be a good bet, but certainly doesn't seem right.

12:31 PM  

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