Friday, May 15, 2009

The game just changed

I was just looking over graduation requirements and realized the 3 honors designations (Cum Laude, Magna CL, and Summa CL) are for the undergrad program only and they don’t apply to the grad program.  To graduate with honors from the b-school MBA program, it’s a flat 3.7 or better.  No alternative designations available.

It doesn’t change things much, but it does change the degree of focus.  Where I could accept a final gpa as low as 3.4 to graduate with honors--which meant I could coast for the last year and knock back straight Bs and still walk home with honors—I’ve not got to keep the petal down for at least 2 more semesters.


What’s the point?


Well, that could put a serious crimp in my marathon training.  If I’ve got to put in time every weekend and most evenings, there’s remarkably little time left over for 10 mile training runs.


Hm…  pondering time.


Meanwhile, I’ve got tomatoes.  They’re yummy, golden, pear shaped tomatoes.  Sooooooo gooooood.


Oh, yea, and Nancy Pelosi is a big, fat lying liar.  It’s been exceptionally fun watching her squirm.  Funny, I haven’t received any steaming piles from her love child troll in my spam-box demanding a full accounting of HER involvement.  But, then again, if it can’t find someone else who already said it, then it probably won’t copy their words.


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