Monday, August 16, 2010


So, apparently Dr. Laura has pulled a Don Imus on the radio.

Well, if it was wrong to fire Shirley Sherod for admitting to ACTUALLY DOING a racist thing and actually causing distress to someone some time ago before taking the effort to make things right, will it also be wrong to fire "Dr." Luara for pointing out (accurately) that black (I'm guessing) comedians say "nigger" frequently?
Granted, she has about as much tact as a cruise missile, and I can think of several reasons she should be off the air, not the least of which is that her show is little more than garbage for the brain, and I can't say that I've heard much of an uproar from our professional offended class.  So, maybe it's much ado about nothing.  But if she gets kicked off the air, will it have been equally wrong to can her as it was to can Shirley Sherod?

It'll be interesting to see.
Well, "interesting" may be the wrong word for it.


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