Thursday, September 09, 2010

The so called mosque, revisited

Funny how things come around again.

The imam trying to build the so called mosque on so called hallowed ground, which is actually a community center a few blocks away from the site of a terrorist attack, has said that if he knew the uproar his community center was going to cause he would have proposed it for another location.

Good for him.  And I stick to my opinion that he can build the thing wherever he wants, but should still take into consideration the LOCAL attitudes toward the facility.  I don't care, one way or another.  I find it to be a little insensitive to some of the local attitudes, and maybe even a little bit stupid to press forward with a plan amid apparent local opposition, but I'm in no way offended.  Mostly because I don't live in New York City.

And that brings us to the pastor in Florida who wants to host "International Burn a Koran Day".

He, too, is free to exercise his freedom of speech and expression.  However, I think he should take into consideration the LOCAL attitudes toward said expression.  I find it a bit sad that in this day and age, in this nation that has been blessed with so many ways to freely express itself, that someone would actually burn a book, but I still defend their right to do so in the same way I defend someone's right to burn an American flag.  I find it to be thoroughly insensitive and stupid to press forward amid apparent local opposition, but I'm in no way offended.  It's not like he's rounding up ALL the Korans in the US and eradicating the historicity of the text.  It's not like there's anything particularly special about the paper and the covers of the books.  It's not like merely destroying a handful of copies of the text will eliminate the ideas presented in that text.

But what's interesting is that our own President would state, in no uncertain terms, that anyone in America has the right to build a house of worship anywhere they want and will not comment on the wisdom of building a house of worship (even though it's not a house of worship) at THAT location, but does not HESITATE to condemn the free expression of speech by this pastor in Florida without equally defending HIS right to say or do repugnant things.  In fact, there is an overwhelming uproar about this pastor saying and/or doing a repugnant thing WITHOUT any defense of his right to do or say these repugnant thing.  That's sad.  That's aking to piling up a bunch of copies of the constitution and putting a torch to it.

But even more troubling is the so called "logic" being used to talk this guy out of doing it.
"It'll be a recruiting bonanza for 'the terrorists'".  You know what?  They'll recruit terrorists no matter what we do.  Who gives a shit.  Bring the little turds out of the shadows and line them up.  I don't care.  I'm not going to live my life worried about a bunch of backwards, primitive, cave dwellers that only want to hate and kill.
"It'll create conditions that endanger Americans".  Again, I call bullshit.  Some stupid pastor doing some stupid crap in Florida isn't going to create a morally deficient person somewhere in the backwaters of the world.  It might bring out that moral deficiency or spur that person to act, but eventually some kind of perceived offense will spur that person to act anyway.  It doesn't matter what is done because a morally deficient piece of crap will find a reason to act like a morally deficient piece of crap.
Why isn't a more important question being asked?  You know, the more important question of why a so called "peaceful religion" is so prone to violence?  Why normal, rational, civil people must be so feared on account of abnormal, irrational, uncivil reactions to mere symbolic actions?  You don't see protests in the streets when images of a burning flag are shown.  Embassies aren't stormed and torched around the world when diplomats are killed.  Mosques aren't torched when priests, nuns, and monks are murdered.  People don't die when Jesus, or Isaac, or Moses, or Abraham are depicted as a cartoon.  No, that stuff doesn't happen.  But the world must FEAR the so called civil, peaceful people of the muslim lands for any offense, real or invented.
We must walk on egg shells to not "create" terrorists, because, you know, terrorists exist because WE create them.   Again, I call bullshit.


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