Friday, September 29, 2006

Yesterday's workout

1 scotch-rocks.  Johnny Walker, black label.  Approximately 2 oz.

2 Shiner Bock beers.  12 oz each.

Walked 8 blocks, both directions.

It was a good workout.  About 3 hours.  I feel good today.  I’m not sore at all and I actually have enough energy to do another workout tonight for the first back-to-back workout sessions I’ve had in ages.


Of course, I’m going to skip the workout tonight and just ride my bike tomorrow AM.  Because if there’s one thing I do consistently it’s skip workouts.


The baby’s smiling, too.  He seems to be thoroughly amused at the little round things at the end of the little oval things at the end of the long things that are sticking of the bottom of him (that’s his toes, but he doesn’t know what “toes” mean, nor “feet”, nor “legs”).  I held his toes up to him this morning and his eyes popped out real big as if to say “WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?!?!?” and then he giggled and smiled all big and goofy.  And then he was done.

He’s smiling, but not very often yet.


Babies crack me up sometimes.


Blogger Vic said...

Oh, the joy!!!

1:31 PM  

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