Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Semi-nude 4 miles

I'm heading to th epark today and realize I don't have my watch.
First thing I think is "I can't run without a watch".  The very next thing my mind says is "shut up, stupid, you can run without a watch."
So, 4 miles today, semi-nude.  I had my jams, but no watch.
Run time was somewhere close to 40 minutes, but I'm can't be 100% certain.  My "run mix" is somwhere near 48 minutes, but I skipped 2 songs and listened to 1 song 1 1/4 times.
All in all, a very, VERY, good run.  Highlites:
Mile 1, solid.  No stops, cruising just fine.
Mile 2, solid.  Stopped for water only.
Mile 3, shakey, but decent.  I walked for the first .1 of this mile, then again in the last .15 of the mile.  All in all, not bad.
Mile 4, absolutely rock solid.  I started steady and built steam towards the end.  At the 1/2 mile to go marker I was passed by a dude who had been chasing me for about 1/4 mile.  As he passed me I caught a glimpse of the fist pump as he congratulated himself.  He got a pretty decent lead before we reached the 3/4 mark.  That's when I started to gain speed for my sprint.  I closed the gap slightly and slowly, and then in the last .15 or so I turned on the sprint that I haven't seen for 9 months.  Before today the only thing I was doing in the last .1 miles was hanging on for dear life.  I passed this guy like he was standing still and finished a solid 10 seconds before him.
Not that it was a race, or anything.
Regardless, I offered him a smug grin of my own as he came to the finish pole.
Plus, I'm not completely wiped out tonight.  I think I'll be quite ready for a good solid 5k next week and I may even try and sneak in some extra miles this weekend.


Blogger Vic said...


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Blogger Jenny said...

Sounds like a good run. Nice work on beating the other guy! I have yet to meet any other runners whilst running outside but I know that when I do, if they pass me, I will have to throw something after them! I don't handle defeat well :-)

5:12 AM  

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