Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Over the weekend I did a little yard work, and while there was a little tenderness in the old ribal area, there was no pain.

Last night I noted to my lovely and fetchingly beautiful wife that I was actually not in any pain for the first time in weeks.  Not just that the pain was manageable, or that it wasn’t so bad, but that there wasn’t ANY pain.  And that’s after yard work!

So yesterday I was going to go out riding, but decided to buy a tomato plant instead, plus with some other drama riding was really out of the question.

Tonight I may actually get a ride in after I get home.  Just a quickie to see how the old joints and muscles are holding up, but a ride all the same.


Speaking of the drama…

Ok, the yard work I did over the weekend was having a tree cut down in my side yard.  It was a nasty pine that was tearing up our driveway and it had to go.  Plus it was leaning toward the neighbor’s house and that’s not a particularly good thing.

The guy was supposed to chop down one of our 3 trees in the backyard as well.  This is the one in the middle of the yard that basically destroys all the free area we otherwise would have to play and have fun back there.  It’s also the one that caused our foundation to sink in the middle near the back door.  The other two trees were over on the edge of the yard and perfectly placed for hanging a hammock.  Granted, one was a little close to the house, but it wasn’t a problem.  Yet.


So, I get a call on my way home from the lovely and fetchingly beautiful Ms. IHateRunning that they cut down the wrong tree.


That’s right.  The wrong tree.


One of my hammock trees was chopped down.  The one that was just a little too close to the house, but not a problem yet.  The big, healthy one that was a really great tree.  That was ½ of my hammock duo.


Not the one that gobbled up all the free space in our back yard and was destroying our foundation.


The wrong tree.


So, I blew my stack, hung up on the Lovely Missus and fumed for a few minutes.  Then I tried to call the lovely missus back, but no answer.  WHERE IS SHE DAMMIT!!!!  Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, etc.  FINALLY she answers the phone.  WHERE WERE YOU DAMMIT!!!   Ok, talking to the guy.  Tell him not to leave before I get home.

Fume for a few more minutes.  Should I put a stop payment on the check?  Sue his ass?  What the hell?

Call back.  WHAT THE (*$(*@#$ WAS HE THINKING!!!!  It was a misunderstanding.  That tree was too close to the house, he thought that was the one you wanted to come down.  NOT A BLOODY CHANCE!!  I SAID THE OTHER ONE!!!  I NEVER MENTIONED THAT ONE!!!!  I’VE GOT TO GO I’LL BE HOME SOON!!!!


Fume for a few more minutes.  Call back (still a little mad).

Do you still want the other tree cut down?

Well, blah blah blah blah…

That’s not what I asked.  Do…  you… still… want… the… other… tree… cut… down…  yes… or…  no….  not a hard question.


Ok.  We’ll get it cut down.  I’ll be home in a few minutes.


I come in the house “Hi mommy.  Anything new?”  I chuckle for a few minutes with her and my sweet boy… now I’m not at all mad.  It’s not like I’m going to put the tree back together and it’s not like I’m going to do anything to the guy.  He’s a good man, a good fellow, takes care of his family, and he does good work at a fair price.  It’s just a damn tree.  He’s a person.  We can be reasonable people.  I’m a little sad that such a great tree has come down, but I’m not going to flay the guy over a stupid tree.

Truth be told, if I talked to the guy first, and not the Lovely Missus, then he would have heard me fume and vent and I may have said some stupid things.  I’m glad I spoke to the woman I love who also loves me and understands that my fuming was just that—fuming.


Time to go talk to my guy.



“I’m sorry”

“It’s ok.  Really.  Don’t worry about it.  All is forgiven.  Besides, you did a really good job on that tree.  Now, can we get the right one cut down?”

“Sure, no problem.  I’ll cut that one down.  That one, right?”

“Hehe…  yea, that one.  Cool.  You need a hand cleaning up?”

Then the details were worked out.  He’s a great guy.  I’ll still recommend him to friends and even family.  Hey, even enemies.  He’s a great guy.  He does great work.  I wouldn’t want anyone else helping me out.

Even if he did cut down the wrong tree.


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