Tuesday, April 17, 2007

damnit Damnit DAMNIT!!!

Enough already!!!

What the hell effect would it have had if the VATech administration would have sent out 5,000,000,000 e-mails to everyone and their cousin?  An e-mail sent is NOT notification.  It would NOT have reached any of these students in class.  Cell phones are (should be) turned off in class.  A phone call placed is NOT notification.  An e-mail RECEIVED or a phone call RECEIVED is notification.  The fact that people think the administration could have sent out anything that would have allowed the campus to suddenly become safe from a lone, prowling gunman is just…  RETARDED!!!!!


Goddam these people are stupid as shit!


Where do they get off thinking that the administration or police bear some responsibility in not preventing the .0001% anomaly from occurring?  This gunman was fundamentally flawed.  If this wasn’t going to happen with a gun it was possibly going to happen with something else—though likely not on the same scale.  Do they really think you can just flip a switch and go from public campus that is operating normally to military lockdown that makes everyone vanish into protected bunkers and hundreds of police suddenly appearing from behind shrubbery?  Are they fucking cracked in their brain?


If you have several thousand people in various states of occupation in a location that is virtually a city within a city there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can cover every square inch on a moment’s notice to look for someone that you have no way of identifying.  All they could have possibly known is that there was an incident in the dormitory, so get units to the dorm.  In 15 minutes they were there.  But if the guy isn’t there then you’re done.  What next?  You get to looking for the guy.  As far as anyone knew it was all over.  Until 2 and a half hours later when the real nastiness began.  What the hell were they supposed to do, anticipate a massacre anytime there is a shooting where the shooter just vanishes?  That, too, is just retarded.  Should they have just shut the school until they found the guy?  Just walk around and post signs on doors saying “Sorry, we’re closed because there’s someone dangerous somewhere in the city”?  I’m thinking that’s not ever, ever going to happen.


And enough with the suggestions that arming the students and professors would have made a damn bit of difference.  First off, the right to carry does not equate to carrying, nor does it equate to the ability to use.  Enough with the stupidity.  These are college students.  They’re eating top ramen every night, not going to the shooting range and spending their extra cash on guns and ammo.  Extra cash is (usually) spent on booze and bitches with at least one notable exception.  If arming everyone makes places safer, why don’t they hand out guns at airports and sporting events rather than taking them away?  A bunch of gun toting English majors (or even English professors) would not have prevented this atrocity.


How can these people be so blind.  There are scores of people mourning and grieving and all they can think of is “the administration should have protected them”, not “how sick is our society that it can produce this kind of monster”, or “see, cultural basis for ideological ranting” rather than “how can we help these people who are hurting beyond telling the ‘I told you so’?”


Every tear I cry, You hold in Your hand.

Though my heart is torn, I will praise You in the storm.

God I hope these families find some peace.



Anonymous Iain said...

Well said, Joe. Trying to prevent a million-to-one event like this would be like trying to play "whack-a-mole" over a 30 square mile area, without knowing if the mole is going to show up at all. This just plain was not foreseeable, but you can bet that won't stop a few folks from seeking revenge on someone instead of peace.

9:39 AM  

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