Wednesday, April 04, 2007

One thing I forgot

I mentioned the thrill and exhilaration and fear and euphoria of being right on that knife’s edge of control as you’re zipping down the shoulder of a road at 40mph on a bicycle, cars flying past on the left (in reverse), with only a small patch of rubber and thin layer of Lycra between you and a short stay in a hospital’s emergency room.  I also mentioned that the only sport I had ever felt that mix of thrill and exhilaration other than cycling was baseball (oddly enough).  And I’ve bungee jumped, though that does come close.  There just didn’t seem to be any real risk with bungee jumping, what with the big harness and air mattress and safety precautions.

Finishing the marathon was a different mix of euphoria.  There was pride and accomplishment and relief and all the other adrenaline/endorphin related emotions that flood over you as you travel through the steel and glass valleys of Downtown Houston, but there was no thrill/exhilaration/fear/euphoria mix like Smithville.  There were no points on the marathon where I was going fast enough to feel like I was anywhere near out of control.  It was always a measured, persistent attack and I expect the next one will be, as well.

I was reminded that there was another moment that the mix of thrill and exhilaration and fear and euphoria.  “Honey, my water broke”.  Yup.  Flying down a hill at 40 miles per hour is a lot like finding out you’re about to be a daddy.  Sorry, girls, I can’t relate it to the other side of that coin since I’ve never been a woman about to give birth and my lovely wife has never piloted a bicycle beyond 10mph.

It looks like the weather is going to hold for me to get my ride in tonight. 

Odds are pretty good that I’ll be able to get a ride in Friday if I get out of the office early.  We’ll have to see.



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