Monday, April 09, 2007

We need to get one thing straight

For future reference, you do not “play Legos”.  You play WITH Legos, and more specifically, you build stuff with Legos.

Legos are a specific thing that exist on their own.  They are not a game that comes into existence when you do it, like hide and seek.  You play hide and seek, you play with Legos.

That just irritates me to no end.


And yes, I can’t wait until my kid is big enough to let him play with my Legos.


Next order of business:  paging Josh Carter in Louisiana.  Josh Carter, please proceed to the nearest white courtesy phone and contact the operator.  That’s Josh Carter, paging Josh Carter.


Finally, I didn’t ride over the weekend.  Yes, I feel very bad about it.

But now I’m over it.  I’ll try an get 20 in tonight before coming home.  Tomorrow the munchkin has a doctor’s appointment and Wednesday night is the first night of a 3 month recruiting prog…  er, bible study.  That leaves Thursday and Friday, then the weekend and maybe 2 days next week to really get my ride on.  There’s an outside chance that I’ll be able to get my ride on tomorrow, but I’m not going to count on it.  There is a lot to do in preparation for the revo…  um, bible study.


Finally II:  I may have convinced someone to run the marathon.  Possibly 2 someones.  What the hell is wrong with me?



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