Friday, June 29, 2007

You know what makes me chuckle?

You know what makes me chuckle?


I mean, besides the word “duty” (because it sounds like “doody”), perfectly appropriate comments that sound naughty if taken out of context (like “put it in the slot”), and people getting hit in the nads (even though it’s not funny)?


People who wash off the tops of their vended cokes.  As if any acquired germs or nastiness are worse than the crap they’re about to put in their body.  Seriously, introducing coke to any nastiness on the can will likely kill it since it’s not exactly healthy.  And whatever survives is going to sit in a toxic slurry of stomach acid and phosphoric acid spiked with high fructose sugar and everything else that does a body bad.


So keep making me chuckle, you chuckle heads.  It’s not like running that water over the mouth of your coke is going to suddenly change the composition of the garbage you’re about to pollute you body with.


Unless it’s holy water, but I don’t think the City of Houston is dispensing that just yet.


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