Friday, July 13, 2007

Running update

My lovely wife got home too late last night for me to run.  Plus I was hip deep in gathering the ingredients for Thelsemar Sausage in the hills of Dun Morough, so I couldn’t go out and run (World of Warcraft people may know what I’m talking about there, don’t worry if you don’t, it just means you have a life).


So, no run last night, but I’m hitting the park on the way home today and tomorrow I’ll hit the pavement before noon for another run.


In other news:


Newsweek had an interview with the governor of the province of Kapisa in Afghanistan.  He said that the ISI (Pakistan’s intel agency) is promoting “Talibanism” in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

When asked why the ISI would be doing that he said:

“Unfortunately, ISI from the very beginning had the idea of having an orthodox state in Afghanistan, backwards, and then using it in the wars against India and Kashmir, recruiting and creating an army of these zealots and sending them to Kashmir.”


Funny, that’s what I said was going on way back when with the connection between N. Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan that went all awry when the Taliban’s pet terrorist went and attacked the WTC.  Pakistan was cultivating a terrorist breeding ground in Afghanistan to send to KashmirIran, Pakistan, and N. Korea were developing nukes together so that Pakistan could counter the presumed threat from India and retake Kashmir—Iran and N. Korea would reap residual benefit from the technology, benefits we’re seeing come to fruition now.  Osama needed safe haven in Afghanistan and Pakistan apparently thought he’d be a good trainer for crazies to send to Kashmir.  Unfortunately he decided to train crazies to attack the US and everything came tumbling down in October 2001.

The Taliban’s agent, Osama, attacks the US.  The US looks at Pakistan and says “help us fix it or you’re next and your little nuke cohort is going down, too”.  That’s how Iran and North Korea are related to the September 11th attacks.

How Iraq is related, I’m not sure.  Unless a stable Iraq really is a stepping stone to Iran so that we have forces staged on both sides of Iran for when the shit finally does hit the fan.

I love being right.


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