Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Running of the cows

Women in Spain are demanding a “running of the bulls” for chicks.  Instead of using bulls they want to use cows because, you know, women are weak and bulls might hurt them.  (Or they’re just smarter than the guys who insist on running in front of bulls who DO hurt them.  But nobody ever argues that women are smart, they’re just weak, too.  No, I will not open that jar of jelly for you unless you admit it, so there.)


They’re dubbing it the “running of the cows”.


Insert horrid joke here.


My personal favorite:  Why do they even need the heifers to have a running of the cows?

Second favorite:  How do they expect to outrun cows while chained to the stove?


Please send you hate mail.  That way I know I have readers.


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