Monday, August 20, 2007

The weatherguy is a fear mongerer

I have mad respect for weathermen and meteorologists.  Their job is hard and it seems they’re wrong most of the time.  Houston is a big place and it can rain here and not there, and if the weather guy says it’ll be clear and only a chance of rain, here he’s wrong, there he’s right.  No doubt a ton of stress.

Plus, “when severe weather threatens” they literally hold lives in their hands.  “Get out now” versus “no problem, it’s just a minor inconvenience” can be the difference between lives lost and lives saved.


But when there is NO REASONABLE CHANCE that severe weather will hit, and therefore reasonable people will say that severe weather is not threatening, there is no good reason to induce panic among a populace.


The emergency weather team in Harris and Galveston counties are shutting down shop.  However, one certain weatherman who’s name rhymes with “Prank”—I’m picking on this guy because he’s on the news we tend to watch in the evenings—is warning that Hurricane Dean could still turn so be afraid, be very afraid.  Top off your tanks!!  Get supplies!!  RUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!

Meanwhile, there is a low pressure area steering the storm well to the south of even the most southern point of the US.  All projections show the storm reasonably bypassing not only Houston, but all of Texas.  ALL REASONABLE PROJECTIONS.


But this particular weatherman refused to say we’re out of the woods.  Nope.  The only prognosis he would give is that the probability was high we would be missed, but the storm could still turn.


Sure.  Martians could land.  There COULD be an earthquake.  But we’re not running for the hills to avoid these highly unlikely events that COULD happen.


Sigh.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  And buckle up for a long, annoying, blustery weather update.

At least it’ll take our minds off of important news that is actually happening.


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