Monday, January 14, 2008


Mad props to you nutty marathoners, including our own John Walk and Jessica Alexander and just about everyone down the left side of this blog.  Considering John ran the new-year’s marathon out in Kingwood, I think he gets the “Short Bus Award” and a commemorative straight jacket.


All the same, CONGRATS!!  Especially to Steve who I think had the winning time from my list, but I’d have to check again to confirm that.  There were some awesome times out there.


As for myself, I notched 2 miles on Friday, and some pizza on Sunday.  No running, though.  That puts me down 8 miles so far, with plans to skip tonight’s run (9 miles) and double OR TRIPLE tomorrow’s run.  I haven’t updated the slider yet, but what do ya’ll care, right?


More updates soon.


And congrats, again!


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