Friday, January 11, 2008

2 days, 2 miles...

2 miles down, that is.  I’m falling behind a little bit, I know.  And I’m ok with that.


Tonight I’ll put in a mile on the road and maybe a couple of miles on the elliptical again.  I’d put in more on the road, but any further than a mile requires me to either retrace my steps or cross Tidwell in the dark—neither option is particularly palatable.  Maybe in a few weeks I’ll have the jogging stroller cleaned off so I can push the little monkey around a bit.


Besides all that, if I put in 3 miles today and make my runs over the weekend, this will be the first FULL week of the year AND the first FULL WEEK that I’ve at least stuck to my mileage commitment (and then some).


Also, I’ve lost a few lbs.  Howabout that, eh?  Exercise a little bit then you lose some weight.  Someone ought to do a study and see if those things are connected.



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