Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coffee out, tea in

Diet change number 2:  coffee for breakfast is out.  Tea for breakfast is in.


I put cocoa in my coffee because I loves me the chocolatey coffee taste.  Unfortunately, I think I loves it too much.

Unfortunately, the coffee here at the office without any added flavor tastes like hot, bitter nastiness and hate being poured down my throat.



Tea, on the other hand, I have no problem with.  So, coffee is out, tea is in.


Diet change number 1 has been a relatively broad elimination of red meat from the lunch diet.  I haven’t completely nixed it, but it’s largely gone from the lunch diet.  Red meat at lunch is just too heavy and generally packaged between a pair of buns with mayo and ketchup (occasionally cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, as well).

There’s this little place that I call the Cajun Chinese food place.  It’s a little hole next to a Chinese food place in the mall that serves essentially the same food, except it has a different name…  and the veggies are yummier.  I’ve taken to eating there more.  Plus I think I’m going to have to start swapping 1 lunch for a smoothie, just to make sure I’m getting the vitamins and junk I need.

I think I may like these next 28 days.


Blogger K said...

Boy, do I feel like a slacker! I haven't been blogging, therefore, I haven't been reading blogs, and here you are making all kinds of cool changes, commitments, and political statements that I have MISSED! Ugh!

I was talking with someone Friday who told me that the Stef was sold out. Have you heard that? If so, I have decided to do my own Stef right here... Then I got on their site and saw that I could be a Phantom Racer!!

Of course, I can't swim 50 yards without a break, so I don't know how the heck I'll swim 200 yards... maybe I'll do it all with the backstroke!

9:32 PM  

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