Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have a route mapped from the YMCA (home turf for swimming) for the “Because I Can” triathlon (Because I Can Tri?).

Basically (everyone get out your maps), after swimming in the pool and getting the bike off the car, it’s west to TC Jester and onto the White Oak Bikeway.  On the Bikeway, it’s south to Ella Boulevard, then back north to 43rd street.  At 43rd, whip it back south to the pool at TC Jester for the final leg.

The dirt path at the park is a 2 mile loop (2.25 according to some, but who’s counting, really?).


Consider this the open invitation to all interested in joining me.  If it’s open, I’m certain I can secure entry into the pool at the Y for any and all takers (all 2 of you).

Entry fee is zero dollars, and support is what you bring with you.  My adoring legion of fan will be watching the bikes at the transition point.


Now the only wildcard is whether or not the pool will be open that weekend.  I know the City of Houston pool at TC Jester will be closed as of Labor Day.


Hmm…  ponder…


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