Thursday, August 14, 2008


An Iron Man triathlon consists of 140.6 total miles of competition:  2.4 swimming, 112 biking, 26.2 running.

The folks who organize the Iron Man competitions have a 70.3 series which is, you guessed it, a half-iron man competition:  1.2 m swimming, 56 m biking, 13.1 m running.


That means a 1/4IM is only .6m swimming, 28m biking, and 6.5m running [6.55 actually) or 35.15 total competition miles.


On September 6, I will be completing just over 8 competition miles.

En route to the big day, I will rack up between 30 to 40 equivalent running miles.


I still don’t think I’ll hit that 366 mark, though.


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