Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothing new to report

I got up just a wee bit too late to take a run in this morning.  Oddly enough, I was a little disappointed.

Last night I got home just a week bit too late to take in a run.  That disappointed me, too.  I have a jogging stroller in the garage.  I think I’m going to stage it near the front door so that I can take the boy out on a quick run when I get home from the office Thursday.  That’s what I wanted to do yesterday, but coming home too late combined with a very, very, very slow eating baby put the kibosh on that.

I’m thinking of doing something radical and giving up all red meat for Lent.  I know it starts today, but I still have time to pick a vice to fast from.


In other news, President Obama’s speech was not at all bad to listen to.  I’m still skeptical that “tax cut” means “increased less than they would have if the current tax rates had expired and we hadn’t lowered the increase x%”, but if the payroll taxes are reduced in April I’ll be mostly convinced.  Also, it’s not hard to cut the deficit by 50% if you increase it by a TRILLION DOLLARS before you cut it.  If you go from 400 billion, to 1.4 trillion, then cut it in half, you’re still at a $700 billion (a 75% increase), but you’ve reduced the deficit by 50% (from 1.4 trillion).  It’s not that hard to cut a couple of stimulus plans from the budget and reduce your deficit.  I’m hopeful, though.  I like the green energy infrastructure initiatives.  I can get on board with a reformation of the health system.  I can get on board with affordable and available education for all.  Next time maybe we’ll get more foreign policy stuff (I get nervous when the feds pay TOO much attention to domestic affairs).


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