Monday, February 23, 2009


I watched about 2 minutes of the Oscars.  The pageantry is neat, the showmanship is neat.


That’s about as “into” the Oscars as I can get.


It’s not that I don’t like good entertainment.  I LOVE good entertainment.  What’s His Face’s “Tribute to Great Movies from 2008 that Weren’t Nominated” with that cute little brown haired chick he plucked from the audience was actually rather impressive.  But what I CAN’T get into is the fawning, over the top, idolization of these actors.  Yes, they’re great actors.  No, they’re not the end-all be-all of human development and enlightenment.  I don’t want to be them.  Generally speaking, I don’t want to be with them.  And generally speaking I don’t care what they think any more than I care what anyone else thinks.  And it’s exceptionally annoying that the morning “news” runs wall to wall, breathless, fawning coverage of this on the assumption that it is THE story that EVERYONE wants to hear about, while most of us are probably just mildly interested, if that. 


Makes you wonder if the earth would keep spinning if nobody decided to cover the Oscars.  Something of a tree falling in the forest question.  But didn’t that almost happen a couple of years ago during one of the overpaid Hollywood workers’ strikes?  The writers, or actors, or both?  There was talk of not televising some awards show, and then someone realized that nobody would really care, and they’d never get their stupid pageant on the air again, and so they decided to air the show anyway?  Hhmmm…  if an awards show happens in the woods, and a tree falls on it…


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