Monday, February 23, 2009

No peppers for me!!

Running update:

I wanted to run this weekend.  SERIOUSLY!!  I wanted to run.

I was thinking back to the marathon and how awesome passing those milestones along the way, the 24th mile with Jon, checking out the mile for mile splits, remembering cresting the Westpark “hill”, cruising into the park, entering into the Gates of downtown and into the Valleys of Heroes, traveling down the Avenue of Champions toward big, bad George.  The twos and twos of fans cheering you on…  it’s pretty sweet.  It really is.  Too bad it costs you 20 miles of running to get there.


But alas, my resolve held and I resisted the urge.  Another weekend down, another mile not run.

Marathon sign up day is fast approaching, although not as fast as I originally thought.  I got a message from the marathon people saying that sign ups open in July, not April.  I double checked the website, and sure enough, it’s July 17.  That’s cool.  I’m alright with that.  I may pass on the 2010 run, anyway, and wait until after I finish my degree to look towards a comeback from “retirement”.


Besides, I don’t want to give everyone a new 30k story just yet.


I did find it funny, though, that every full on race recap started with me getting to the race right before the gun and rushing to the starting line as everyone else had already begun to run.  I even started the marathon in ’06 about 2 minutes after the gun.  That’s the difference between runners and fat guys who run, I suppose.  You people bound out of bed and jog to the start line about 2 hours before it starts, chat, eat your bagels, drink your energy drinks, and are just itching to get started.  Me?  I sleep in to about 5 minutes before it starts, search for my shoes (because I went to sleep in my running gear), drearily get in the car, and drive as fast as I safely can to the start, get out of my car as the gun is going off, and run my “warm up” portion while I’m catching up to the last guys off the line.


On the garden line…

Looks like our peppers aren’t going to germinate in time for planting next week.  Oh well…  we’ll just have to go for a few transplants instead.  It’s a shame, too, because those damn transplants are expensive as hell--$3.50 a plant versus $2.97 for an entire packet of seeds! 


I’m considering staggering the introduction of my tomatoes to the garden.  Doing ½ this weekend, and ½ next weekend, just in case we get a cold snap that messes with my precious little packages before they’re big and strong.  Alternatively, I can always just cover them up to protect them from the weather and get them in the ground sooner rather than later.  HHmm…  Still have time to ponder that one.



If marriage is a civil right, then is divorce a violation of your civil rights?  Assuming, of course, you don’t want to get divorced and your spouse has decided that it’s just not working out, would his or her forcing you into a divorce be a violation of your right to be married?  Assuming, of course, marriage is a right, and not a privilege and/or obligation anyway.


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