Friday, February 20, 2009


You know, for 8 years term “Commander in Chimp” has been tossed around by the MoveOn crowd and others of their extreme left ilk so much so that the phrase made it into the Urban Dictionary.  Salon even did a piece referring to the smear in the early stages of 2001.


And now Al Sharpton has decided to hold up a window into his own racist oversensitivity to invent a link that doesn’t exist in some stupid editorial cartoon that suggests a monkey could do as good a job writing the stimulus bill as congress did?  Where was the outrage for the last 8 years?  Or is it ok to insult a white guy, you racist pig?  Or is this not really outrage, but just a good show for the cameras because you haven’t been on TV in a month and you’re worried that people may forget that whitey is to blame for keeping the bruthas down?  Or, well…  um, I mean…  er, the other bruthahs, because you’re clearly doing ok for yourself.




2004:  See the comments, too.  In October someone shot off a “next commander in chimp” crack, but Big Al doesn’t care about that guy ‘cause there’s no money in it.


And this one is exceptionally nice:


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