Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Day Looming

July 17, 12:01am.


Registration for the Houston Marathon opens.


Hhhmmm…  Should I?  COULD I?  I’m pretty sure I can…  not so sure I should.


No, correction:  I’m certain I CAN.  Less certain if I want it bad enough to actually do it.  And THAT’S the overriding factor as to whether or not I should.  If I don’t want it bad enough, then I definitely shouldn’t.


It’s not a question of can.  It’s a question of will.


Like so many other things in life…



And by the way, no matter what the press tells us, there WON’T be a fight over the nomination of Judge Sotomeyor.  Her confirmation won’t change the makeup of the court—just replacing one worn out part with an identical replacement—and even if it did, there aren’t enough votes (or political will, for that matter) to do anything about it.  There may be some stomping around, but there won’t be any serious opposition.  So when Robin Roberts and Dianne Sawyer tell you the republicans are “gearing up for a fight”, they’re full of shit.  There’s no fight to be had.  She’s a good enough candidate and will do just fine.


If the Rs are smart, though—and that’s not to say they are—they’ll raise their concerns firmly rooted in their principles (if they have any anymore) and use phrases like “judgment WITHIN the bounds of the framework of the constitution” and “interpreting the laws as they’re written, not revising them to suit your preference”.  If they were keen to stress ideals, not ideology, that’s important to most of the middle, they’ll make themselves look good.  I’m not sure if they have it in them to do that, though.


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