Friday, May 29, 2009

Seriously, now

6 missile tests in the last week or so.  Seriously…  6.


And another nuclear test.


And backing out of the 1953 armistice.


And basically saying that if anyone farts in their general direction, they’ll consider it an act of war.


Don’t worry, though, everyone.  You can just relax.  Everything is under control.  The UN is going to strongly condemn North Korea’s actions (maybe) and President Obama is very, very unhappy with them.  That’s right “very, VERY”.  2 “very”s.


So you can rest easy, fully safe and secure in the knowledge that a very stern look has been pointed in their direction and, just to reinforce the stern look, a very, very rigid finger has been wagged at them and Guantanamo will be closed.  Because maintaining a detention facility in Cuba where we can hold terrorists until the either die or disavow their desire to wage war against America makes us unsafe.  But North Korea having nukes AND ballistic missiles capable of delivering them to our allies AND a desire, willingness, and past history of selling that technology for much needed cash resources AND backing out of the ceasefire agreement that ended hostilities makes us safe.  That makes sense.  Totally.


I feel safer.  Safer by the day.  Don’t you?


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