Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1 month, and counting

Signup day for the Houston Marathon is coming up precisely 1 month from now.  The fee is $90.  I have not yet come up with a good reason not to do it, though I have also not come up with a particularly good reason TO do it.

I still hate running.

I still have exactly no time.

I still would rather sleep between 5 and 9 in the morning, than run at any point between 5 and 9 in the morning.


On the other hand, chicks running at memorial park are pretty hot.

Performing ridiculous feats of physical strength impresses the one girl I really care about.

Finishing is very, very cool.


Oh yea, and then health benefits, and blah blah blah.


Time and energy, or lack thereof, are significant factors.  I got a lot of stuff going on.

However, this is my last chance to finish my second marathon before I turn 35.  And, of course, finishing 2 marathons will put me something like 58,673 marathons behind Jon Walk.


What to do…  what to do…


I’m guessing that just about everyone is watching the events unfold in Iran.  Amazing stuff going on…  and equally amazing that while social networks are hip deep in the action, MySpace is seemingly absent.  Very, very interesting.  Makes you wonder what would have happened 20 years ago in China if Twitter had existed then.

Maybe, just to help out the protesters, the UN can pass some completely meaningless resolutions?


I’m seriously contemplating adding rabbits to the old backyard farmstead.  We haven’t quite perfected the production side of the garden, but we are getting a decent amount of daily production.  We’ve got enough variety in the crops to ensure decent production, but not over production, allowing for a handful of beans each day, a bowl of blackberries each day, 2 or 3 tomatoes each day, etc.  Not really enough to freeze and store, but enough to munch on and enjoy without having to spend money on extra foods.  Water is also a very good thing.  On that note, a June drought neither helps the garden nor the bank account.

So, with decent, though not overwhelming, vegetable production coming out of our little patch of dirt, I’ve been thinking about “livestock”.  And by “livestock” I mean anything that is 1. Alive and 2. Able to stock my freezer with meat.  Being in the suburbs, my list is limited to rabbits and chickens.  Chickens were vetoed by my lovely wife, so rabbits are the current topic of negotiation.  The hang-ups:  either my lovely wife or beautiful child becoming attached to dinner.  When “the rabbit” is referred to as “a bunny” or, worse, “my bunny”, or, worse still, “Fluffy”, it makes it exceptionally hard to lop off its head, strip off its fur, take out its guts, and pop it in the freezer or a stew pot.

Needless to say, negotiations are ongoing.


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