Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Church of the Holy Marathon

The Church of 26.2 Miles is body of believers.  There’s no other way to put it.

Some are runners, others are simply striving.  Some finish to great reward, others finish to less recognition, but nevertheless are great heroes in Glory.  All have or will have completed a marathon.  Some never complete a marathon in person, but have been chosen by others to have a race run for them while they struggle in other pursuits.

The religion is not merely one of faith, or one of works, but rather Glory is attained by a combination of faith AND works.  You do not simply run a marathon without first believing that a marathon can be run.  Nor do you run a marathon by simply believing a marathon can be run.  You must believe you can do, then you must do.  But no race can be run without a combination of both.


But the faith must go deeper than merely believing that you can.  You must know that you can, despite the odds against you and despite the countless naysayers along the way and despite the obstacles en route to Glory.  Your belief must transcend a cognitive understanding of what it takes and be moored in the knowledge that as sure as the sun rises in the east, your feet will cross that finish line.  That even though the day has yet to come, you are already there.


The work must be consistent, intense, and focused on the single permanent, glorious moment.  Nobody else can put in the miles for you.  Nobody else can wear out the shoes on your behalf.  Nobody else can make the sacrifices.  There are no intermediaries in the Church of the Holy Marathon.  There is you, and there is Glory.  Only you can bring yourself to Glory.  Glory does not shrink to meet your ability, but your ability grows to overcome the challenge at hand.  You can do works and you can grow to become bigger than the challenge.  But to do so you must perform works.


And you must believe.


Without both your work will be hollow.  Without both your belief will be without foundation.  Without both you will be broken, lost, and … finished.  Defeated.  Undone.


But know that defeat is not permanent.  If you believe you can overcome the brokenness and work towards glory.  You can traverse the Valley of Champions.  Yea though you run through the Valley of the Shadow of Defeat, you will have no fear, because shadows cannot harm you.  You will have worked.  You will have believed.  You will have grown.  You can enter the gates where the cheers of the Host of the Finish Line buoy your steps and raise your spirits.  You will hear the echoes of those who have come before you and see shadows of those who will follow you.  You can not only approach Glory, but you can enter therein.


Blogger Vic said...

Faith matters not. It is only the object of that in which we place our faith that matters. That's totally irrelevant but my pastor said it last weekend so I thought I'd comment. :)

5:32 PM  

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