Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Leave it to the Dems

I got to hand it to these guys.  Every time they’re given an opportunity, they manage to flat out screw it all up.


I’ve bemoaned the fact time and again that there is no LEADERSHIP in the races we’re left to vote in next week, there’s only finger pointing and harsh declarations that “We’re not that guy!” and “We’re different!” or “They’re a bunch of sissy panty waists!”  Well, that all may be true, but whether they think they’re “not that guy” or that they’re “different”, they’re all a bunch of sissy panty waists and they’re not all that different. 


We’re left with asking the question “Which party will do the least damage?”


I guess there should be a second question to ask, and that would be “Which party really believes that I can think for myself?”  The answer to that one may be “neither”, and they both may be counting on that, but it seems that only one really has the nerve to say out loud that they think the average person is an idiot.


Fine, you’ve got your big fucking brain and your big fucking IV league education and all your old money and all your connections.  You think you’ve got all this shit figured out.  Fine.  I get it.  But when you start saying that out loud and insulting the intelligence of everyone out there, then you don’t deserve to be in office—anywhere.


I’m fine with you thinking you know everything and pandering to the intellectual midgets out there and tossing a little bit of this and a little bit of that to the plebes to make them think you’re responsive, as long as you go on with the charade that everyone is equal and blah blah blah.  You and I both know that while everyone may have equal intrinsic worth, everyone is not equally valuable to society. 


Some people produce more than others.  Some people consume more than they produce.  Some people have abilities that are more valuable both to society as a whole and to their particular industries than others.  If you don’t believe me then ask yourselves why there aren’t more homeless people being hired to fill executive positions?  The answer:  there’s a reason they’re homeless and it’s not because they’re in between CEO posts.  Conversely, take a CEO and put him on the streets and see how long he’ll last there.  Chances are pretty good that he’ll either die on the streets or get off the streets pretty damn quick.


But that’s a little beside the point.  The point is that we’re not all socially equal, but when you get up on your high intellect and start talking down to me like you believe that I really am a knuckle dragging moron just because I don’t have the same fucking Massachoosits librul peduhgree as you do then I start getting a little pissed off. 


I’d rather have policies and programs set up on the assumption that I do have a couple of functioning brain cells and maybe a couple of loop holes in the tax law that I can find if I am inquisitive enough to actually dig into the information and find them.  I don’t want everything written and made for the stupidest of the stupid just because they need to be protected.  It’s their fault that traffic sucks and everything costs 10% too much because they’re the ones changing lanes without looking and smashing stuff up and grabbing unprotected wires and electrocuting themselves and suing the store for not telling them not to grab the unprotected wires while everyone else in the world has the good sense to look before changing lanes and not grab unprotected wires!!!!!!


But when you believe that you’re the smartest person on the planet and you believe that everyone else doesn’t understand what you do and you need to explain it to us mental light-weights—or even not bother explaining it at all since we’re too stoopid to understand—then you start making policies to protect us from ourselves.  Like insuring investment decisions.  Or a guaranteed social security payout because we’re too stupid to invest our own money and take the risk and consequences of those decisions.  Or a law demanding that we wear helmets when anyone with good sense would wear one anyway.  Or maybe a law limiting what we’re allowed to say because some things may be offensive.  Or maybe a law telling us what jobs we’re allowed to have because you know better how to utilize our skills in the market than we do.  Or maybe a tax system that redistributes wealth from the haves to the have nots because we’re not capable of making decisions on where to spend or give our money.


There’s a difference between protecting the population from predators and protecting the population from themselves.


At this point I’m convinced that the culture in one party is convinced that I’m not capable of making informed decisions on my own.  At this point I’m convinced that the leadership in one party has absolutely no faith in the ability of the general population to do for themselves what is in their own best interest.  I’m thoroughly convinced that the leadership in one party sincerely believes that if given the choice between eating bread that costs money free Styrofoam, the average person will make sandwiches out of Styrofoam.


That sickens me.  You got to hand it to these guys, though.  They must be pretty damn smart to figure out how to lose even this election.


Now the only real question is for who should I vote for in the Governor race, Kinky or Carol?


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